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How To Fix All Common Errors on Google Play

How To Fix All Common Errors on Google Play

How To Fix All Common Errors on Google Play - In the process of using a smartphone, there will be times when you encounter a situation where you cannot install the application or Google Play fails to authenticate ... How to fix the above problems?

1. Google Play server error (944)

Error 944 usually occurs when Google Play server crashes or has a connection problem. To fix it, you just need to wait a few minutes, then turn off Google Play and try accessing again. The problem occurs because of Google's server, not related to the device you are using.

2. Application failed to load (942, 927, 504, 495, 413, 406, 110, rh01 ...)

Most of the above error codes are related to users not being able to download and install applications on Google Play. To fix it, go to Settings >> Apps> Apps (All) >> Google Play Store >> Clear data and Clear cache (delete data and cache). After that, users only need to log in to Google Play using the corresponding Google account.

If the problem is still not resolved, please delete the Google account from the smartphone by going to Settings (settings) >> Accounts (account) >> Google, then restarting the device and proceed to login.

3. Errors related to purchased applications (DF-BPA-09)

This error usually occurs when you try to reinstall a purchased application. To fix it, simply delete the old data in Settings> Apps >> Apps (All) >> All (all) >> Google services framework.

4. Memory error full of memory (919)

This error is quite simple, usually appears when the smartphone is full of memory, there is not enough room to install or update the application. To solve it, simply remove unnecessary applications, videos, images ... to get back free space.

5. Error updating application (491, 923, 101, 927)

When you encounter the above problem, simply delete the old Google account by going to Settings >> Accounts >> Google, then selecting Remove to remove and proceed to login again. Next, go to Settings (settings) >> Apps (applications)> All (all) >> Google Play Services >> Clear data.

6. Conflicts between accounts (403, 481)

To fix it, simply delete the search history on Google Play, create a new Google account to use.

7. Wi-Fi connection error (911)

This error is relatively difficult to diagnose correctly, sometimes it happens because Wi-Fi has problems, but sometimes due to another problem. You only need to switch the device to Airplane mode about 30 seconds, then disable and connect to Wi-Fi again.

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