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9 Simple Ways To Become Rich on 2019

9 Simple Ways To Become Rich on 2019

9 Simple Ways To Become Rich on 2019 - Helo.. How do you move forward, become rich and retain that position in the context of increasing living costs today? Let's find the solution through the translation later. It is safe to bet that the topic of how to make money will cost more ink than any other topic. In case you are wondering why, this is a suggestion for you: Do you know where the dollar symbol comes from? Try stacking 2 U and S (like from United State) to see each other.

Capitalism and the American Dream are both existing and strong because of reasonable reasons. Who would have thought that such basic elements as food, shelter, transportation and health care were so expensive? Today we think millionaires are rich, then very soon they fall into poverty.

So how do you move forward and still retain that position in the situation of increasing living costs today? Surprisingly, no know-how helps create such a lot of money. The problem is that people want to do it as easily as winning a jackpot, the magic formula is to make a stock market bomb appointment or get a quick enrichment.

Sorry for making you disillusioned, but you are living in the real world, not in fantasy fiction. There is no silver bullet that is rich and this is not rocket science unless you are Tesla and SpaceX inventor - Elon Musk. For most of us, this is how real people earn money in the real world.

1. Starting from zero and growing up in difficult environments. 

Most of the most successful people started from zero and had to struggle to make a living. The founder and CEO of Starbucks -Howard Schultz and CEO of Goldman Sachs-Lloyd Blankfein grew up not far from where I lived in Brooklyn. Competition and unhappiness have created good leaders.

2. Doing what you love ... and praying will have a market for it. 

Steve Jobs said: "The only way to do a big thing is to love what you do. If you haven't found something like that, keep looking. Don't stop." If you pursue your passion and your customers do the same, money will follow.

3. Follow the yellow brick road ... to Silicon Valley. 

High-tech industry has created tremendous wealth for millions of people, not just top leaders. There are about 12,000 millionaires in the current Microsoft staff. What is the reason? Companies that start in the public sector are the land of equity and opportunities.

4. Own your own business and live like a monk. 

According to the book "The Millionaire Next Door," two-thirds of America's millionaires are now self-employed. The rest are small business owners who live on less than the amount they earn, invest money and never take any form of inheritance, do you really need a new car or an iPad?

5. Adventure, make mistakes and trust your intuition. 

Most people resist bizarre or blindly risking things they know they should not do. Do small ventures, things you understand. Please believe your intuition. You will be wrong more often than right but that is okay. No one can go far if playing safely.

6. Do everything yourself and sacrifice a lot. 

Yahoo's CEO - Marissa Mayer is a heavy workaholic, with a working intensity of 90 hours a week. So is Elon Musk. He runs two companies and does not delegate much to others. Steve Jobs is no different than the two people when he ran both Apple and Pixar. What you contribute to life will receive the same thing again.

7. Create your own luck.

It is often said that fortunes occur when opportunities for convergence and readiness are prepared. Although I was actually very, very lucky, but the fact is, I never stopped looking for opportunities and never hesitated to seize those opportunities when I saw a little potential. My advice is: stop surfing the social network to push the "like" button and go out to build relationships with real people in the real world.

8. Maintain marriage. 

I have seen this repeated many times: one of the most common assassins of wealth is the "split". Think about it. Every time you get divorced, everything you have is divided into two. Divorce is multiplied by poor families. That is why only those who are poor or very rich can meet this. If you're a middle class, forget this.

9. Diversification. 

This old truth is too true and nothing funny. I have an old friend who used to be a senior manager like me, who has an investment strategy to always put as much money as possible. This takes a bit of time and effort, but what is gained is enormous. Save money, invest wisely and diversity.

Of course, you can always call yourself a social media entrepreneur or CEO of your own company and create a variety of free online content while companies like Google and Facebook are rich in the field. This is a long time ago. The truth is that no one can reach the rich goal by doing something that others are doing. You can also buy lottery tickets and pray for miracles to happen.

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